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Team University of Education / Ludwigsburg

Prof. Dr. Gerd Schweizer
director of program

- educational management and 
- cost management
- strategic management

Akad. Oberrat Robert Schrembs, M.A.
project - coordinator

- development cooperation in the
  fields of education
- cross-cultural competencies
- project management

Akad. Oberrat Thomas Adam, M.A.
e-learning management

- human resources management
- project management
- education technologies

Dr. Astrid Ohl-Loff
head of science & research

- educational management & leadership
- quality management and
  organizational development
- educational system
  and capacity building

Marc Milling, M.A.
strategic management

- strategic management
- cost management
- coaching

Prof.Dr. Hartmut Melenk
former president of PH Ludwigsburg

- communication and teambuilding
- cross cultural competencies

Michael Krüger, M.A.
education marketing

- education marketing
- capacity building
- best practise & internship

Ute Grewe
human resources

- human resources management

Stephan Fahrner
educational systems

- capacity building in educational systems

Tanja Richter
project assistant

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