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Main building on campus Ludwigsburg

Ludwigsburg University of Education is the largest of the six Universities of Education in Baden-Württemberg, with more than 5,000 students and over 430 members of staff. It moved to its current campus in 1966. The Universities of Education are independent institutions of higher education and concentrate on educational science in research and teaching. The state of Baden-Württemberg recognised the advantage of such institutions and has expanded their development, while the other federal states in Germany have integrated their teacher training into mainstream universities.
The Ludwigsburg University of Education (LUE) is a modern centre of excellence for educational sciences in four closely-related areas: school and pre-school education, extra-curricular education for children and teenagers, adult/further education as well as education in cultural and social areas.
The courses of study mainly cover Primary School Teacher Education (Sekundarstufe I for German secondary school types Werkreal-/Haupt-/Realschule), Special Education Teaching and Professional Pedagogy (M.Sc.). LUE is also increasing its participation, in co-operation with the University of Stuttgart, in Teacher Education for Gymnasium (German grammar school). Students are offered scientifically-based, yet practical teacher training programmes substantiated by specific research activities.In addition to these, the LUE also offers Bachelor and Master courses of study.
The special feature of the Bachelor courses is the combination of pedagogical approaches and educational sciences to extra-curricular fields of education. In a wide range of Master courses, students can specialise in specific professional or research areas. The Further Education Master courses are specially organised to enable participation outside of working hours and lead to a qualification for management positions in the field of education.


Educational research is one of LUE’s main tasks and its research profile is shown through its specialisations in empirical teacher/learner research, research in school development and lessons research, all of which incorporate extensive practical components. The Ludwigsburg EU Research Centre for Baden-Württemberg’s Universities of Education offers its services to all six of these universities.
Ph.D. candidates are supported by experienced professors and may make use of a range of offers from the local research support centre. The Graduate Academy of all six universities is an additional source of support. After completion of their doctorate, candidates have opportunities for post-doctoral qualifications. Early on, students have the opportunity to learn how to study using research and thus acquaint themselves with a range of research methods.

Further Education

On campus there is an Academy for Scientifi c Further Education (Akademie für wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung e.V.) which offers courses to those from all professions who deal with pedagogical, didactical and psychological matters.
These courses include, amongst others, qualifi cation courses (contact classes and seminars), counselling courses (supervision, coaching, counselling in further education) and education courses/projects (counselling and/or training for company-specific qualifications).

International Activities

Ludwigsburg University of Education has a wide range of international relations. The Academic International Offi ce (Akademisches Auslandsamt) has close contacts to over 70 partner universities and is therefore able to offer a large number of students the chance to spend time abroad. Every year there are more than 190 foreign students studying at LUE. As a result of long-standing, close partnerships with international universities, scientific conferences and compact courses (e.g. summer school) are held regularly. LUE also has a successful programme for attracting international lecturers, entitled, „Bringing the World to Ludwigsburg”. Every semester several colleagues from international universities offer their courses at LUE.

City and Campus Life

Ludwigsburg University of Education has a diverse campus culture. Cultural highlights are a firmly-anchored part of the university events calendar. In addition to this, there is a student gallery with alternating exhibitions as well as a literature café which offers readings, concerts and poetry slams. The nearby Favoritepark is an oasis of relaxation. The baroque city of Ludwigsburg, with its population of approx. 90,000, has not only magnificent castles to offer, but also lively pedestrian areas, cinemas and a colourful club scene. And for those of you who would like to take a look around the state capital - the suburban train from Ludwigsburg only takes a few minutes to reach downtown Stuttgart.





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