Im Folgenden finden Sie eine Auswahl internationaler Netzwerke, die für die Pädagogischen Hochschulen interessant sein könnten.


Educational Research

CIDREE: Consortium of Institutions for Development and Research in Education in Europe

DIPF: Deutsches Institut für Internationale Pädagogische Forschung

EARLI: European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction 

EERA: European Educational Research Association

NFER: international activities of the National Foundation for Educational Research (UK)

SCRE: Scottish Council for Research in Education

Concord Consortium: educational research and development organization based in Concord, Massachusetts

Social Sciences

ECASS: European Centre for Analysis in the Social Sciences

EGRIS: European Group for Integrated Social Research

ERCOMER: European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations

EUMENESS: European and Mediterranean Network of the Social Sciences

Special Needs Education

European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education

EENET: Enabling Education Network

ENIL: European Network on Independent Living

Teacher Education

AEDE: European Association of Teachers

ATEE: Association for Teacher Education in Europe

INFOREF - Ressources pour l'éducation et la formation

The Telematics Centre - research and development in the field of ICT and e-learning in education and teacher training

TNTEE: Thematic Network on Teacher Education in Europe

Comenius Netzwerke

CENTRES: Creative entrepreneurship in schools

ecoMEDIA-Europe: Educational challenges through media and ICT in Europe

GREEN: Green environment education european network

GreeNet: Environmental education through enquiry and technology 

ICTWays: ICT ways for science classrooms

INSTEM: Innovative networks for science technology engineering & mathematics education

MARCH: Make science real in schools

MLE: The making of: leadership in education. A European qualification network for effective school leadership

NetS-EU: Network to improve non-formal science teaching in Europe

NETQ6: Network for the quality in early childhood education

SENnet: Special education needs network

SciCamp: Science holiday camps in Europe

SoC: School on the Cloud: Connecting education to the cloud for digital citizenship

SUSTAIN: Supporting science teaching advancement through inquiry Quality assuarance through synergy of internal and external evaluation of schools

TDivers: Teaching diverse learners in school subjects

TTTNET: The teamwork, training and technology network

VOICES: The voice of European teachers

Women Scientists

epws: European Platform of Women Scientists - all disciplines