Horizont 2020: The young as a driver of social change (Societal Challenge 6)
Einreichungsfrist: 28.05.2015

Projektart: Research and Innovation Actions

Budget: zwischen 1,5 und 2,5 Mio. € pro Projekt

Partnerschaft: mind. 3 Einrichtungen aus 3 unterschiedlichen Mitgliedsstaaten oder am  Programm  assoziierten Staaten

Expected impact:  Research is expected to provide important insights into the perspective of socio-ecological transition from the point of view of young people. It will advance our knowledge about young adults in Europe, their values, norms, expectations needs and political ambitions. Through comparison with older generations, research will identify the intergenerational differences regarding the organisation of economic, social, political and private life in Europe. This will contribute to public policies designed to meet the challenge of transition into a more sustainable economic, political and social model that would at the same time respond to the needs and expectations of young people. At the same time it will identify the areas where education could play a role in shaping attitudes of young people towards the necessary evolution of our lifestyles.

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