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From various airports to LUE


For the best results, go to the “Reisezentrum” (travel office) of Deutsche Bahn (= the German train company),  or to a ticket machine and buy a ticket to the Ludwigsburg train stop “Favoritepark.”  Then, take the train that is underneath the airport until you arrive at Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof, the main train station. 
Exit the train here and follow the green signs to the regional trains, “regionale S-Bahn.”  Board only the S4 train driving in the direction Backnang or Marbach. The train will pass the main stop in Ludwigsburg and one stop after that, Favoritepark, is where you should get off the train. The PH campus, the college and the student village are very close by. (See below for further instruction)

Strongly recommended airport with best connections: STUTTGART

ATTENTION:  You must buy the train tickets here before you take the escalator or the elevator down to the trains.  There are no ticket machines at the train platform! 
Therefore, follow the green S-Bahn signs and  the first steps to a lower level.  There, at a ticket machine, “Fahrkartenautomaten,” choose the domain, “VVS.”  Then, type in the station, “Ludwigsburg Favoritepark,” and pay, either with cash or with a Mastercard.  Take your ticket and walk further to the next lower level, to the trains. 

Once there, you can either take the S-Bahn number 2, traveling to Schorndorf, or you can take S-Bahn number 3, traveling to Backnang.  Both will bring you to the main train station in Stuttgart, “Hauptbahnhof Stuttgart.”  Once at the main train station, exit the train and just stay at the same platform, wait there for the next S-Bahn-train to Ludwigsburg, which is the S-Bahn number 4, in the direction of Backnang via Marbach. The train will pass the main station in Ludwigsburg and one stop after that, Favoritepark, is where you should exit the train. The PH campus, the college and the student village are close by.

Go down to the lower level.  Once you cross the street, you will already see the PH buildings and the parking lot.

How to use the Vending Machines for the train/public transport:
The Ticket Vending machines are the most convenient and fastest way to purchase a ticket.  
The machines are presented in six different languages (including German) and are located at every major train stop and station.  
Not only can you buy a ticket at these machines but you can also find timetables and train schedules to organize your trip.  
They run on a touch screen for user convenience.
Follow these instructions to purchase tickets from the S/U-Bahn Ticket Automat.
1.    Pick a language
2.    Select your destination by looking for it in alphabetical order.
3.    Enter the 3 digit code next to your destination's name.
4.    Select a kind of ticket.
5.    Pay with exact change and notes.
6.    Pay with debit/credit card.
7.    Take a ticket from the box at the bottom.

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