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Living in Ludwigsburg

Where will I live

If you wish, we can automatically reserve a room for you provided by the Stuttgart Student Services in the Student Village, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the university. It is only a 2 minute walk to the campus or the “S-Bahn” station.
You will live together with other students in a flat (shared apartment) - similar to a family. This form of living is very popular and widespread among German students. The buildings are new and modern. Each student has their own spacious single room to themselves. The rent per person and semester is currently 1.830 EUR (last updated summer term 23). The room is furnished with a bed, wardrobe, table and chair. The large kitchen with dining area/living room, the bathroom and the toilet, on the other hand, are shared with flatmates. These common rooms are cleaned by all residents in turn according to a cleaning schedule, as each shared flat is responsible for the cleanliness of the apartment. There are also washing machines and dryers in the basement. Internet connection has to be booked seperatly, price: 8,50 EUR/month - the fees will be booked every 3 months in total: 25,50 EUR/ 3 months.


The International Office also has an option for some double rooms. As the number of places is limited, we cannot guarantee you the type of room; however, you can express your wish when applying online. Wishes will be considered in the order of receipt of the application. Normally, most requests can be accommodated.
The double rooms are located in the same buildings as the single rooms and are just as comfortable. However, they share a large bedroom with two single beds. We recommend these rooms for good friends, as experience has shown that it is difficult to live in close quarters for half a year with someone you do not know beforehand. The price for such a double room is currently 1.320 EUR per person (last updated summer term 23).


Generally, a room in the Student Village is automatically reserved for all exchange students when they register.

Please note: There is an age limit, the maximum age is 30 years! Unfortunately, older students cannot be accepted; they must look for accommodation on the private market themselves.

Since, unlike German students, as an exchange student you do not have a waiting period, i.e. you will receive a room immediately upon request, and moreover you do not have to pay a deposit, the rent for the semester must be paid in one single amount in advance. Monthly payments are unfortunately not possible. However, you have up to 6 weeks after your arrival to transfer the amount. Scholarship holders, for example, can wait for their scholarship money to arrive in their account.
Later payments are only possible in exceptional cases.

As is also common in many other countries, the contract always runs for a full semester, i.e. 6 months. It is irrelevant here whether you go home early or not: the tenancy agreement can only be concluded for 6 months. A shorter rental period is not possible. For this reason, subletting is also not allowed.

However, if you prefer to live privately, there is always the possibility to look for a room yourself. However, we would like to point out that in this case, the International Office must already be informed when you register online that you do not need a room in the Student Village.

If you are planning to stay with relatives or friends in the area, you are welcome to let us know your new address as soon as you register online.

Please note that the rooms in the Student Village (rent including electricity, water, internet, etc.) are inexpensive for our region, as the rent prices in Ludwigsburg and the greater Stuttgart area are very high. You should bear this in mind when deciding in favour of a private room. Unfortunately, the International Office cannot help you find a room on the open market.

Ludwigsburg University of Education Campus

Ludwigsburg University of Education has been in existence since 1966. It is a modern centre of excellence for educational sciences in four closely interrelated areas: school-based education, out-of-school education for children and young people, adult and continuing education, and education in the cultural and social spheres.

A major focus of the university profile is the Bachelor and Master degree programmes for the teaching professions of primary school, lower secondary school, bi-lingual secondary school and special needs education (B.A. / M.Ed.). For vocational education, LUE offers a Master of Science.

Since January 2016, a cooperative "Professional School of Education" has been established together with the Stuttgart universities and colleges. Here, the partners cooperate primarily on Master degree programmes in teacher training. The special feature of three other Bachelor degree programmes is the linking of educational science and subject didactic approaches to non-school educational fields (Early Childhood Education, Educational Science, Cultural and Media Education).

In addition, students can specialise in six further Master degree programmes for specific professional and research areas or qualify for leadership positions in the field of education in two part-time continuing education Master degree programmes, including an international degree programme. LUE is also involved in continuing education through certified studies.


Ludwigsburg University of Education is also proud of its diverse campus life. Cultural highlights are firmly integrated into the university's calendar of events.

There is also a students’ art gallery with changing exhibitions and the Literature Café, which offers readings, concerts and poetry slams. The nearby Favorite Park invites you to stroll and relax.

Living and Working

Ludwigsburg is an international city and there are certainly job opportunities in the city & the region, even if you are not fluent in German.

We are happy to help you find part-time work / student job opportunities.

Living in Ludwigsburg

The baroque city of Ludwigsburg with its approximately 95,000 inhabitants offers not only magnificent castles but also lively shopping streets, cinemas and a colourful pub scene.

Ludwigsburg is located in the heart of Baden-Württemberg, about 12 km north of Stuttgart city centre so if you would also like to take advantage of what the nearby state capital has to offer, you can reach Stuttgart city centre in just a few minutes by “S-Bahn” (local train service).

Around Ludwigsburg are not only the large cities of Heilbronn and Stuttgart, but also medieval half-timbered towns such as Bietigheim-Bissingen, Besigheim or Marbach. The Bottwartal valley, the Swabian-Franconian Forest Nature Park, the Celtic Museum in Hochdorf and the Tripsdrill Adventure Park are just a few of the places that make the Ludwigsburg area so special and definitely worth a visit.

Ludwigsburg city centre is best explored on foot or by bicycle due to its compact size. In addition, the city has a well-developed bus network within the VVS (local transport service) and an inner-city parking guidance system that shows you free parking spaces in real time.

There is much to discover in and around Ludwigsburg...

  • The market square with its pleasant atmosphere is an inviting starting point for strolling around the city centre.
  • The nearby lakeside castle of Monrepos is worth a trip!
  • A visit to the Ludwigsburg Palace with its “Baroque in Bloom” and “Fairy-Tale Garden” should not be forgotten during any stay!
  • On Tuesdays / Thursdays and Saturdays from 7 a.m. the Ludwigsburg weekly market takes place, where regional fresh products are offered in a dreamlike setting on the baroque market square.

You can find even more info at: https://visit.ludwigsburg.de/start