Dr. Christiane DätschDr Christiane Dätsch

Dr Christiane Dätsch

Senior Academic Councillor

Short biography:

Stay abroad in Rome. Degrees in German philology, journalism and Romance philology at the University of Bamberg and University of Lyon (1989–95). Doctorate at the University of Hamburg (2000–2003). Voluntary and paid appointments as an editor for local and political news (1995–2000) and in public relations (2003–2011), including as a press officer for Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach and as director of communications for the State Museum of Baden. Teaching assignments at the Institute of Journalism and the Centre for Continuing Academic Education at the University of Hamburg. Academic councillor since 2011, senior academic councillor at the Institute of Cultural Management, Ludwigsburg University of Education, since 2015.

Communication management / PR, literature and the literary industry, transculturalism and cultural translation in the museum.


Dr Christiane Dätsch

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