International Education Management (INEMA)



General Information & Fees

Classes for the 2018 intake will begin in October 2018.

Students take classes in attendance phases and online phases. The attendance phases take place in Ludwigsburg, Germany and Cairo, Egypt. The program runs for four to six semesters with attendance phases and online learning phases. The program is extra-occupational and allows students to continue to work while studying.

Fees are € 2.200,- per semester, plus enrollment and administrative fees of approx. € 230,- per semester.

Scholarships are available from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Egyptian Al Alfi Foundation.

You can download the application form here.

Please send the completed form to inema(at)

For any inquiries please don't hesitate to contact us.

Admission requirements

Applicants have to fulfill the following minimum requirements:

Application period

The application period for the 2018 intake (starting in October) consists of three rounds.

Application periods: Application Deadline:
Round 1 January 31, 2018
Round 2 May 31, 2018
Round 3 June 15, 2018

Please take note that those rounds are not consecutive steps of the application process but distinct application periods.
Applicants may only apply in one round.

EPOS scholarships offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) are only available for applicants of round 1 and round 2.
Scholarship holders will be selected by DAAD among applicants of round 1 and round 2 after May 31.
Scholarship holders will be announced in July.

Successful applicants from Round 1 will recieve their letter of admission by March.
As this provides applicants with ample time before the start of the program, we recommend applicants use this opportunity to apply for individual sources of funding/scholarships.

Application documents

To apply for the INEMA program applicants need to send the complete set of documents in electronic form to the Department for International Educational Leadership and Management at the Ludwigsburg University of Education, Ms. Tanja Richter:

The complete set of documents consists of:

Documents in languages other than English or German must be submitted with a certified translation in English.

EPOS Scholarships

Applicants of round 1 and 2 from eligible countries may apply for a full EPOS scholarship to be awarded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).
For a list of eligible countries please visit:

Applicants of round 1 and 2 with German citizenship may apply for a partial EPOS scholarship.

Applicants, who want to apply for an EPOS scholarship, have to fulfill the following additional requirements:

Applicants who want to apply for an EPOS scholarship, additionally need to provide:

All application documents must be sent electronically to the inema program ( and will be made available to DAAD.

Selection Process

Written Application

After the end of each round, the selection committee will review all applications.

Please be aware that only complete applications with all requested documents sent in one batch can be considered. Documents of candidates who have not been selected will not be returned.


Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an extended interview via video conference system or telephone.
The interview is conducted by invite only and is a positive indicator of interest, but is not a guarantee of admission. However, all invited applicants must complete their interview in order to be considered for admission.
Interviews are 30 minutes and are conducted by one or more staff members of the inema program and serve as an opportunity for the applicant to demonstrate their motivation and interest the field of study.


After each round the applicants will be informed about the outcome of their application, i.e. whether they can be admitted to the program.

EPOS scholarships

The decision about the EPOS scholarships will be made separately by the DAAD only after round 2, based on the application dossiers as well as the preliminary selection interviews via video conference system or telephone.

Other Scholarships

Applicants and students looking for scholarships might find the following websites helpful:

German speaking students and applicants might also find the DGWF brochure "Fördermöglichkeiten in der Weiterbildung" helpful, which is available here...

Disclaimer: The inema program is not affiliated with any of the scholarships presented on those sites and can not provide any further information on those scholarship programs.

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