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BWS Plus India Project

"Schools of Education as Agents of Change. Responding to Ethnic and Social Diversity of Education Systems in the Digital Age".

The project establishes a partnership in teacher education between Ludwigsburg University of Education (LUE) with Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD) in India around the theme of the ethnic and social diversity of education systems. The core idea of the project is that both universities recognise the desire of many students to spend a semester abroad, but some students on both sides are unable to realise this desire for various reasons. Therefore, with the help of the project, an international experience and interaction with international students is being made possible without students having to complete a full semester abroad (virtual semester abroad).

By actively dealing with heterogeneity, the students and future teachers are first sensitised to dealing with heterogeneity and diversity themselves, so that they can later pass this on to future generations of students and thus contribute to overcoming existing inequalities. The aim is for students and teachers to acquire intercultural competence for their professional field by experiencing diversity in the other country within the framework of the project.

Joint online seminars and short-term programmes have been developed and a "virtual semester abroad" established as core elements. (Teacher training) students from LUE and the University of Stuttgart (via the Professional School of Education) had the opportunity to participate in a summer school in Ludwigsburg in October 2019. In March 2020, it was planned that students would travel to Delhi for a summer school. Unfortunately this summer had to be cancelled or postponed at short notice due to the Corona pandemic.

"Schools of Education as Actors of Change. Responding to Ethnic and Social Diversity in Education Systems in the Digital Age" is a project within the framework of the Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM for Students - BWS plus, a programme of the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung (Foundation). The project is supported for four years (with the possibility of two extension years oder now extended by two years) with a grant of over €145,000).

Kick-off event on 16th January 2018 in Ludwigsburg

On 16th January 2018 the launch event for the three-year BWS Plus project took place in Ludwigsburg with the participation of three delegation members from AUD. Through this event the project was presented within the university and also made known to an interested general public.

Above all, however, the event provided a platform for the German teachers to develop initial ideas for joint online teaching, as the contacts made in the teachers' workshop initiated an intensive exchange of ideas, which in the further course led to the first blended learning seminars.

Links to the various documents and presentations from the event:

  1. Programme of Events
  2. Presentation of the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung
  3. Project Overview
  4. Presentation of Ambedkar University
  5.  Presentation on E-Learning

We would like to thank all the participants for their active participation and will inform about further project developments here in the future.

Blended Learning Seminars

The core topic of the BWS Plus project "Schools of Education as Actors of Change. Responding to Ethnic and Social Diversity in Education Systems in the Digital Age" is a range of seminars jointly delivered by LUE and AUD, which are open to both Indian and German students, employing blended learning formats. In essence, this means a mixture of online elements and classroom phases. In addition, various other means are used in the blended learning seminars, such as videos, podcasts, live connections via video conferences and the use of a shared learning platform.

A good practice example is the seminar "Diversity and Resilience in Early Childhood Education", which was organised in a cooperation between Dr. Sunita Singh (Associate Prof. and Dean of Education Studies at AUD and Prof. Dr. habil. Christoph Knoblauch from LUE, and has already been offered twice as part of the project.


AUD-LUE Blended Learning Course "Diversity and Resilience in Early Childhood Education".


Organisation of the seminar

- The live seminar was delivered jointly in Delhi in 5 sessions of 90 minutes each.

- Videos or video sequences recorded there as well as podcasts were used again later in the course.


Team building with the partner university:

- Through visits to each other's universities and via video calls.


The Academic Calendar:

- The winter semester in Delhi goes from August to November but in Ludwigsburg from October to February so that due to the extreme difference in semester periods both students and teachers had to be creative and flexible in order to implement the course.


The Learning Platform:

- Both institutions use the Moodle learning platform

Indian-German Summer School 2019

As an important component of the BWS Plus project "Schools of Education as Actors of Change. Responding to Ethnic and Social Diversity of Education Systems in the Digital Age", we were able to host a summer school in October 2019 here in Ludwigsburg together with our Indian partner.

During the summer school, which took place between 30th September and 9th October, eight students and three lecturers from India studied, taught and worked in cooperation with thirteen LUE students, seven LUE lecturers and three external lecturers on the topic of "Resilience in Education". All participants completed an extensive and varied programme with thematically relevant teaching units from the subject areas of Politics, English, Education and including an intercultural workshop. A well-balanced mix of relevant excursions such as a school visit to a secondary school in the district and the State Centre for Political Education as well as touristic excursions and of course the obligatory tour of Ludwigsburg baroque palace and a day trip to Heidelberg rounded off the programme.

The detailed programme can be found at the link list below.

The summer school was a complete success and ensured closer networking between the two partner institutions and many new German-Indian friendships.

The return event, i.e. a summer school in Delhi, was planned for March 2020, for which the LUE students were to travel to Delhi. However, had to be cancelled or postponed at short notice due to the Corona pandemic. Currently, its implementation is planned for 2022.


Link list:

- Summer School Programme


Publications and Conference Papers

Scientific publications and conference papers have emerged from the experiences of the collaborative work and the evaluation results. This pleasing development from the project confirms the interest in the topic and its topicality.

Link list publications:


Project Conclusion

Due to the Corona pandemic, the project conclusion has been postponed several times and is now scheduled for summer 2022.

At the end of the project, a joint final conference is planned, to which representatives of both partner institutions and the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung will be invited.