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Language Tutorials


Language tutorials during the winter semester 2014-15


These tutorials are paid and organized by the International Office. They are free of charge and open to all students at LUE, especially to the International students.


Deutsch als Fremdsprache  (DaF) / German as a foreign language

Deutsche Sprachpraxis mit TutorInnen des International Office
German classes with the tutors of our International Office



Niveau A1.2. Anfänger (beginners):

Ramona: Dienstag / on tuesday, 12.15-13.45 Uhr

Room/Raum 1.307, building/Gebäude 1

for participation just show up!


Niveau A2 - B1 Mittelkurs 1 (intermediate):

Carolin, Mittwoch / on wednesdays, 12.15-13.45 Uhr

Room/Raum 1.330, building/Gebäude No 1

for participation just show up!


Niveau B1- B2   Mittelkurs 2 (intermediate):

Julia,  Dienstag / on tuesday, 12.15-13.45 Uhr

Room/Raum 2.017, building/Gebäude No 2

for participation just show up!


Niveau B2.2 - C.1. Oberkurs (advanced):

Kerstin: Dienstag / on tuesdays, 18.15 - 19.45 Uhr

Room/Raum 1.203 , Hauptgebäude Nr. 1

Bitte einfach ohne Anmeldung vorbei schauen!


Apart from the language tutorials mentioned above, the International Office also offers so called Tandem-Language-Partnerships in Spanish, Arab, French, Italian and if possible also in other languages. Interested? Then please contact Ms.Bischoff, mail: international(at)

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