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The seminar "Education for sustainable development in international cotext" is part of an innovation project in the framework of a Leadership Training by the German Agency for International Cooperation (giz). It's objective is to provide an ESD training in higher education to those students in current or future multiplier functions in the educational sector.


Description of the seminar concept (german) in Krah / Lude 2013, p.21


Radio article about the student initiative zukunftsPHähig (german)

After the seminar some students started a sustainability initiative at the University of Education Ludwigsburg. Their goal is to reduce the universities ecological footprint. Further information and contact at



Summer semester 2016: 01.-05.08.2016 Course announcement

Summer semester 2014: 09.-13.06.2014

Winter semester 2013/14: 17.-22.02. + 24.-28.02.2014

Summer semester 2013: 29.07.-02.08.2013 

Winter semester 2012/13: 11.-15.02. + 18.-22.02.2013

Moodle course (inscription key can be provided:


Concepts of ESD

ESD in Practice

International Dimensions

Schools & Society

Field Trip

09.30 – 11.00

1. Concepts of sustainable development

4. ESD teacher education in Baden-Württemberg (guest speaker)

7. ESD in international contect

10. Whole School Approach

13. Field trip „Haus des Waldes“

11.30 – 13.00

2. Education for sustainable development

5. ESD in formal education: Best practice in schools

8. ESD best practice in India, Mexico and South Africa (guest speakers)

11. Learning spaces and educational landscapes (guest speaker)

14. Field trip „Haus des Waldes“

14.00 – 15.30

3. Competence models and methods


6. Project development I: Objectives

9. Project development II: Activities

12. Project development III: Stakeholders



Guest speakers

For further information on international guests see,


Development of ToM

The Training was developed along 5 test occasions in different formal and non-formal educational settings.




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