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In Germany many video-workshops took place: 8 pilotfilms (1997), 4 videofilms in 1st international field phase (1998) and 6 videofilms in 2nd international field phase (1999). There was a special German project group and a research group at Ludwigsburg University. All video-workshops were based on cooperation with schools and institutions in the field of media education (see: "project group").

In this part of the CD-ROM we can offer some texts in English language. Most of these papers were written in context of the international project meetings and are refering to selected case studies in the VideoCulture-book (see: M. Witzke about "Freud und Leid" and B. Maurer & P. Holzwarth about "Die Liebe").

Results of the project were presented at several academic meetings in Germany, London, Prague, Antwerpen, Toronto. Besides the academic report a special practical oriented booklet was published in Germany, ed. by the Ministry of Education and the Arts, Baden-Württemberg (2001, Auer-Verlag).

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