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Colleagues from Los Angeles and New York participated in the 2nd international field phase of "VideoCulture":

Gina Lamb, video artist from Los Angeles, supported young people producing the videofilms "Selfdestruct" and "Red White and Blur". She organized group discussions about the videofilms from other countries (Sampler II). Gina Lamb also participated at the final meeting of "VideoCulture" in Karlsruhe and made a conclusion of her experiences (see "VideoCulture in Los Angeles").

Dr. JoEllen Fisherkeller from New York (School of Education, New York University) organized a special research project (group discussions with young people from New York about videofilms in Sampler I und II). Together with Allison Butler and Emilie Zaslow (NYU) JoEllen Fisherkeller wrote a detailed report about these group discussions.

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