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Why to choose LUE for your semester abroad?

What our incoming exchange students say

"My time here at the PH over the last year has been amazing and so enriching to my education at my home university. After I graduated with both my Bachelor's Degrees, I never thought I would ever get the chance to study abroad- nonetheless for a year! Over the year, I have met so many people- both from Germany and International Students. If I stayed at my home university for this past year, I would not have met so many amazing and kind people, and my bank of knowledge would be far less full than it is now. As an extra assurance, the International Office has been so helpful with acclimating to Germany both before I got to Ludwigsburg and after I arrived here. This is a wonderful experience, and I will be sad to leave at the end of this semester. If you are looking for a school to spend a semester (or two) in, this is the place. The people and culture you get to know and learn about, as well as the variety of the classes and programs here makes it perfect."

- Susanna Hansel, University of Kentucky, USA

"I really enjoyed my experience at LUE. there are many free events (sports, gym, music e.g.) that they offer at the PH where you can join whenever you’re free to give it a go. The train stop is also extremely convenient for students to go to and from the city to the university, or accomodation.  I think the city in Ludwigsburg is really nice, really pretty and easy to get around. Walking through Favoritepark or the palace is beautiful and there are so many options for food and shopping. Everyone is super friendly and helpful at the PH and professors are all very kind to international students. Overall I would highly recommend the experience at the PH."

- Jasmine Rong, Victoria University, Australia

"One of the most notable differences between my home university and Ludwigsburg University of Education was the course selection, where we were able to choose courses from the Department of German Language and Literature as well as courses from other faculties…. I took the opportunity to choose not only the required courses, but also those that I was personally interested in. Throughout my stay I was amazed and surprised by the helpfulness and friendliness of the lecturers at LUE. Creativity is at its peak in terms of innovative and imaginative teaching approaches and homework. Students have the opportunity to work on tasks such as podcast production, Wikipedia creation, theatre criticism, and film and performance analysis."

- Kristina Perić, University of Kragujevac, Serbia (freely translated from German)