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International Exchange Students

Welcome to Ludwigsburg University of Education

Ludwigsburg Palace with flowers

Dear Internationals

Every semester at Ludwigsburg University of Education (LUE) we welcome exchange students from countries all over the world. The beautiful baroque town Ludwigsburg is inviting you for your studies abroad on a campus offering interesting courses in the field of teaching and other degrees!

In the following pages you will find important information about the applications process, your stay in Germany and the studies at LUE. If there are still questions after reading our homepage, our team will be happy to answer them and help you by e-mail or telephone during our office hours.

We are looking forward to meeting you!
Apply now
All information on the application process
Writing a check-list
Instructions on how to organize your semester aborad
Hörsaal mit Studierenden
Courses for international students and more
Marketplace of Ludwigsburg
Information on finances, planning your stay and on campus living
Electric Festival Blühendes Barack
Life at the LUE and the baroque town of Ludwigsburg
We are there for you!

Denglish Poem from our incoming student Connor Clay

Wir kommen alle aus so verschiedenen Länder
But somehow still became friends so tender
Aber wie die Zeit vergangen ist,
Of this poem, that’s the gist

Aufgefallen ist es mir bisher nicht
Because the semester began without a hitch
Dass wir alle schon hier fertig sind
Except for those giving summer a spin

Wenn ich könnte, würde ich hier länger bleiben
If anyone else agrees, feel free to chime in
Wie alle gut Dinge, aber, muss es abschließen
Though we had ample time for our friendships to deepen

Weil wir von Orte wie Korea, die Ukraine, und Portugal stammen
here were so many cultures here we got to examine
Studieren wir wieder im Zukunft, hoffe ich
Or at least that we’ll visit, I don’t care which