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Institute of English

The study programme in English is divided into four areas:

  1. language practice,
  2. linguistics,
  3. literary and cultural studies, and
  4. foreign language teaching didactics

(1) Language practice is primarily concerned with the correct and appropriate use of the English language. Particular emphasis is placed on communication skills. Language structures such as vocabulary and grammar are covered. Spoken language, especially fluency, accuracy and pronunciation, are also developed.

(2) English linguistics is the study of the English language. It regards language as a complex, rule-based system that interacts at various interrelated levels. Linguistic aspects such as theoretical knowledge, practical skills of linguistic communication and knowledge of the empirical testing of linguistic theories play an important role. In addition to these aspects, linguistics also focuses on historical change and the social function of language.

(3) Anglophone literary studies focuses on historical and contemporary literary texts and their analysis using approaches from literary studies. Using the methodology of textual analysis, writings are considered in their cultural, historical and media contexts, while concepts of intertextuality and cultural memory are also explored.

Cultural studies deals with the material and symbolic dimensions of anglophone cultures. It combines aspects of culture such as anthropology, history, art and linguistics. It focuses, for example, on the study of socio-cultural processes and their transformation through media mediation.

(4) Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) focuses on the scientific study of issues and problems in the teaching and learning of English as a foreign language. On the basis of a scientifically sound foundation, theory and practice are combined in subject didactics. An effective conceptualisation and theoretical basis are necessary to create didactically effective learning situations.

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