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Institute of Theology

The Institute of Theology unites three theologies: Protestant, Catholic and Islamic theology. The three theologies work together at our institute. This is also reflected in the fact that courses are open across denominational boundaries and that dialogue-oriented joint course formats are offered.

We understand theology as the academic study of the Christian and Islamic religions in their confessional forms. This includes

  • the interpretation of texts from the Bible and the Koran in the context of their origins
  • the development of faith, thought and action in the course of history in different places and contexts
  • discussing how faith and religious practice can be understood and lived anew in contemporary society.

In our teacher training programmes, the study and design of religious education processes play a particularly important role. This also includes empirical research on pupils' religiosity and learning processes in religious education.

The Institute of Theology promotes inter-denominational cooperation, inter-religious dialogue and discussion with other disciplines beyond its own subject boundaries.

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