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The University of Education of Ludwigsburg is proud of its active campus life. Cultural highlights are integrated in the university calendar. While studying, students have the opportunity to express their creativity through theatre, their musicality by playing in the orchestra and can increase their physical performance by doing university sports, as well as many other activities.

The University of Education of Ludwigsburg offers a space for education and culture, where creative chaos and a structured study life, aesthetic experience and educational research are surprisingly symbiotic. In this way, the university promotes cultural engagement and cultural education both on and off campus. The campus itself offers a number of spaces for individuals interested in the arts of all kinds which foster a sort of cooperative coexistence. Whether it’s the picture-theater center (BTZ in building 9 “under the spider”), the Literature Café, the student gallery or the Aula (of the “Cultural Mile” in Building 1.1), the media center (in the lower level of building 4), in the lecture hall of the university library (building 5, 3rd floor), the hallway walls in the 3rd level and the stairwells in building 1 or the recital hall in building 7 and many more, everywhere you look you can see and hear the creative process. Students involved in cultural subjects and projects present their creative work to an enthusiastic public and learn from professional artists of diverse disciplines.

The university also offers children and youth a comprehensive program of workshops, performances and exhibitions and, of course, the Kinderuni (child-university) Ludwigsburg in which 8-13 year olds can get to know the university once a month during the semester.

Every two years at the end of the summer semester, there is a large learning festival during which school children, teachers, students, researchers, interested public, politicians, representatives of the private sector and arts communities spend an entire day teaching and learning, asking and answering questions, discussing and presenting, experimenting, producing and practicing, watching and listening – all based on the motto “actively experiencing education”.

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