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Welcome International Students October 2019!

First Welcome day at the SCHÜTTE!

Guided visit at Marbach by SCHILLER himself

Trip to Stuttgart: Mercedes Benz Museum

Trip to TÜBINGEN - finally nice weather!

International Brunch - yummy!

Having a lot of fun at the Ballroom Dancing Class

International students: Trip to the Lake of Constance, July 3rd, 2016

Unlike last time, great weather this year, a lot of sun, but not too hot!

Departure at 8 am with our nice bus driver, ride to the Lake of Constance where we arrived at about 10 a.m. After a rallye game and stay in Überlingen, we took the ferry boat to Unteruhldingen, where we visited the famous "Pfahlbauten"-Freiluft-Museum and learnt how people lived there thousands of years ago. The new "Archeorama" show was gorgeous! Last destination was Meersburg where we discovered the wonderful old buildings and strolled along the lakeside promenade having some ice cream. Wonderful day!

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