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Please check the following documents before you leave for Ludwigsburg:

    1. passport (for EU-citizens it is also enough to bring an ID). This document must at least be valid until the end of the semester! 
    2. for students who are not EU-citizens: an additional student visa (exception: citizens from USA, Australia, Japan, Canada, Israel, New Zealand und Swiss can get their visa also here in Ludwigsburg after their arrival).
    3. For EU-citizens: a blue EHIC-card for the health insurance, also valid until the end of the semester (for Turkish citizens the form A/T 11 Türk-Alman Sosyal Güvenlik Sözlesmesi)! 
    4. for Non-EU-citizens: a travel health insurance for the trip to Germany and for enrollment health insurance with a German Insurance company which costs about 520 Euros per semester and covers everything (for example some kinds of dental prothesis, hospital stay, etc.) 
    5. the information letters and brochures of the International Office with all important addresses, telephone numbers etc. and directions to get here.
    6. enough cash for the first days, which should be carried safely (close to your body not in a bag).
    7. information from your doctor and enough medicine if you suffer from a chronic illness.
    8. your Learning Agreement if you have not already sent it to our International Office. 
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