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  • born May 9 1959 in Schweinfurt/Germany
  • Studies in philosophy, educational science, german, psychology and sociology at the Catholic University Eichstätt (Germany)
  • 1984: Diploma in educational science (Dipl.-Päd. (Univ.))
  • 1987: PhD in philosophy (Dr. phil.)
  • 1992: Habilitation in philosophy (Dr. phil. habil.)

  • 1994-1995: Vice President Corporate Issues and spokesman of Bertelsmann AG
  • 1995-1996: Executive Vice President Public Relations of Bertelsmann Book Company (today Random House)

  • Since 1997: professor for philosophy and ethics at the University of Education in Ludwigsburg
    Head of the Forschungsstelle Jugend - Medien - Bildung (Research Center Youth - Media - Education)
    Head of the Forschungsgruppe Medienethik (Research Group Media Ethics)

  • 2001-2010: Member of the Board of the Bertelsmann Wissenschaftsstiftung (Bertelsmann Science Foundation)

  • 2001-2006: member and 2004-2006 spokesman of the Bildungsrat Baden-Württemberg (State Council of Education)

  • 2005-2014: also Scientific Member of the Board of the Landesinstitut für Schulentwicklung Baden-Württemberg (State Institute of School Development)

  • Since 2008 Member of the Board of the Gesellschaft für Medienbildungsforschung (Association for Media Education Research), Germany. 



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