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International Education Management (inema) is a joint venture of the Institute for Educational Leadership at Ludwigsburg University of Education, Germany, and Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt. The program is aimed at developing and providing managerial and modern leadership skills as well as competencies for cross-cultural challenges in education management and for international reform processes. Graduates receive a joint degree. In view of the international orientation of this program, the training of education managers is tailored to the globalization of markets and the needs of the participating students.

The program aims to provide competences for dealing with cross-cultural challenges in the field of international education management. It equips participants with equitable ways of leadership-awareness as well as strategies and operational know-how to realize visions and abilities needed to lead teams and staff to specific goals which result from the reform processes. It enables them to take responsibility, to adopt innovative ideas for modern education processes, set up strategies and structures as well as implement quality development. Focusing on cross-cultural and sector-specific learning transfer induces relevance as a guiding principle of the program.

Individual learning-transfer management integrates issues of professional jobs in the learning process in order to meet the challenges and needs of the relevant sector. The transfer of knowledge into practical competences and vice versa is achieved by bringing real-life problems into training discussions which are then lead to solutions. The participants import new knowledge into their own fields of educational or management practice. Scientifically founded theories are integrated in this application oriented approach.

Subject Areas and Structure

Subject Areas and Structure

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