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 PDF ERU Lecture (ECDP Lausanne, 2013) on Writing Skills

 PDF ERU Lecture (ECDP Lausanne, 2013) with Rens van de Schoot on Presentation Skills


Curriculum Vitae




ForBi - Empirical Methods Toolkit

Parent start - A preventive intervention for first time parents (Köhler-Stiftung im Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft, 2009-2012) - see also

Project  "Coping in close relationships and the transmission on own children" (2006-2011)



Research Interests:


Family: Parenting, Co-Parenting, Coping

Social Development in Families, in Close Relationships, and in Childhood

Development of Evidence-Based Parenting Trainings

Gender and Gender Roles

Personal Goals

Life Satisfaction, Work Satisfaction, Work Roles, Work-Life-Balance



Professional Memberships

Member of the European Association of Developmental Psychology (EADP)

Member of the German Psychological Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie; DGPs) and the Developmental Psychology Section (Fachgruppe Entwicklungspsychologie)



Teaching Record


Scientific Research Methods


Empirical Methods in Psychology: Introduction

Research Methodology

Survey Research


Developmental Psychology of Adolescence and Early Adulthood

Developmental Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence

Development and Developmental Problems in Adolescents

Gender Role Development


Social Psychology

Social Psychology in School

Conflict and Conflict Resolution (Mediation)

Social Skills Trainings

Academic Self-Concept and its Relation to Appraisal of Achievement


Positive Psychology

Optimism und Academic Success

Life Satisfaction and Personality

Work and Work Satisfaction

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