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Presentations at the 22nd American-Germany Faculty Symposium

3.)    The physics of a bicycle: A comparative study of elementary students’ STEM knowledge
Erik Byker, Ian Binns, Drew Polly, David Müller, Tobias Gschwendtner, and Bernd Geißel

4.)    Structural developments at LUE in the field of teacher education
Martin Fix and Jörg Keßler
5.)    Learning outside the classroom and across the curriculum
Brian Kissel, Amy Good, Tehia Starker-Glass, Armin Lude, and Steffen Schaal

6.)    The development and validation of a college and career readiness self-efficacy scale

Sejal Parikh Foxx

7.)    The motivational profile of foreign language learners: An international comparison
Scott Kissau, Chuang Wang, Marion Rodgers, and Helga Haudeck

8.)    The Urban Education Collaborative: A UNC Charlotte College of Education center positioned for global impact
Chance Lewis

9.)    Cultural differences in how teachers address “controversy” in science
Ian Binns, Erik Byker, Steffen Schaal, and Armin Lude

10.)    Dialogic reading strategies with Latino preschoolers at risk for English language delays
Vivian Correa

11.)    Museums as pedagogical tools: Fostering social justice and authentic understanding among pre-service teachers
Paul Fitchett and Heather Coffey
12.)    Preventing and remediating reading difficulties for diverse adolescent learners
Kristen Beach

13.)     Global standards to enhance the quality of on line learning
Florence Martin, Drew Polly, Annika Jokiaho, and Birgit May

14.)    A Reading Clinic for training teachers and impacting the community
Ellen McIntyre

15.)    Examining  American and German students’ attitudes toward On line inquiry
Mike Putman, Bob Rickelman, Antony Crossley, and Waldemar Mittag

16.)    International education management: Global perspectives
Ulrich Müller and Jörg Keßler

17.)    Starting at Kindergarten: The impact of language immersion programs
Rich Lambert, Bernd Nuss, Adriana Medina, and Jörg Keßler

18.)    Constructive academic relationships: A framework for anti-bias education in a global context
Stephen Hancock

19.)    Sentiments, concerns, and attitudes towards inclusive education: A comparison between teacher education students at UNC Charlotte and Pädagogische Hochschule Ludwigsburg
Chris O’Brien and Kerstin Merz-Atalik

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