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Presentations of the Israeli - German International Symposium (13-17 February 2017)

Panel I: Education in Ambiguous Times

1.) Reflection on Bauman's view of Education in the State of Liquid Modernity,

Dr. Ariel Sarid


2.) Digitalization and its Impact on (media) edcation,

Dr. Jan-René Schluchter


Panel II: Digital Education and Content Education - an Area of Conflict?

3.) How interactive are Interactive Whiteboards? Chances & Challenges in secondary School bilingual teaching,

Benjamin Ade-Thurow, M.A.


4.) Tele-collaboration between Israeli and German Students: A media-based intercultural comparatives study on grammar teaching in EFL contexts,

Dr. Orly Haim and Prof. Dr. Jörg-U. Keßler


5.) Literacy Development for Shifting Societies: Co-Focusing Critical Thinking and Statistical Thinking,

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kuntze


Panel III: Digital Aesthetics in Education

6.) On the Need to Embrace Digitalization in Education,

Dr. Shahar Gindi


7.) Digital Photogrphy and the Documentation of Learning Processes,

Dipl. Päd. Gesine Kulcke, M.A.


8.) Augmented Reality as Promotiong Students Environmental Literacy,

Dr. Aviva Klieger


9.) Digital Literacy of Isreali Arabs,

Dr. Eman Younis


Panel IV: Using Digital Tools for Education

10.) Computer-mediated communication and the redution of prejudice,

Dr. Ibrahim Amer


11.) The Computer as a Didactic Tool in Geographical Learning in the 21st Century,

Prof. Dr. Oded Potchter

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