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Presentations at the 23rd American - German Faculty Symposium

1.) German-American Teaching Cooperative/ Collaborative

Adriana Medina, Helga Haudeck and Steffen Schaal


2.) New Research on School Leadership

Dawson Hancock, Chuang Wang, Ulrich Müller, Pierre Tulowitzki and Tobias Stricker


3.) At the Intersection of Sience, Social Studies, and Writing: A Comparative Study of Location-Based Learning in German and American Undergraduate Programs

Brian Kissel, Tehia Glass, Florence Martin and Steffen Schaal


4.) Faculty Perception of Preparedness to Teach Online or Blended: A Comparison of American and German Educators

Florence Martin, Chuang Wang, Annika Jokiaho, Birgit May and Sonja Grübmeyer


5.) The German-American Turner Movement and their Influence on American Physical Education

Annette Hofmann


6.) Educational and Social Spaces for Refugees: Spaces in Ludwigsburg and Charlotte

Adriana Medina, Anselm Böhmer


7.) The Motivational Profile of Foreign Language Learners: An International Comparison

Scott Kissau, Chuang Wang, Marion Rodgers and Helga Haudeck


8.) The Impact of Language Immersion Programs

Rich Lambert, Adriana Medina, Bernd Nuss and Jörg Keßler


9.) The Special Education Intake Procedure in the FRG and the GDR under a Historical Comparing Perspective

Michaela Vogt


10.) Cultural Competency: Supporting the Social-Emotional Needs of Immigrant Students

Sejal Foxx


11.) Chemestry Teachers' Pedagogical Scientific Language Knowledge

Silvija Markic


12.) Student Teachers' Attitudes to Evolutionary Biology Creationism, and Intelligent Design - a Comparative US-German Study

Ian Binns, Armin Lude


13.) Doctoral Presentations:

Influence of Culture on Students' Self-Concept about Chemistry: Questioning the Traditional Gender Gap

Lilith Rüschenpöhler


14.) Teacher Education for Inclusive Education in Physical Education

Katja Weber


15.) Inspiring Practice of Teaching Diverse Learners in (School-)Subjects (TdiverS Comenius-Network; 2013 - 2016)

Kerstin Merz-Atalik


16.) Investigation and Comparing Teacher Candidates' Knowledge of the Physics of a Bike

Erik Byker and Tobias Gschwendtner

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