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  • Essay writing
  • English Pronunciation
  • Conversational English speaking practice
  • Preparing a presentation       
  • Oral English state exam support


The Language Support Centre at the Pädagogische Hochschule Ludwigsburg offers two main areas of support for current students studying the English Language: Written English Support and Oral English Support. Both support services are provided by native English-speaking tutors from abroad (Australia, North America or Great Britain). The goal of the Language Support Centre is to provide an authentic and rich experience for students of the English Language in both, Written and Oral forms, in the hopes of achieving accuracy and fluency. This is done in a supportive and positive environment where students are encouraged to fully engage with the English language.


Written English Support:

The LSC provides individual assistance for students on a voluntary basis, who have various written work needs. This may include: essays, presentations, speeches, etc.

Tutors place emphasis on original idea development, concise communication of ideas, proper structure and organizational development of an essay, accuracy in grammar, appropriate use of expressions, and comprehension of the differences between written and spoken English.

Interested students can make an appointment with native English-speaking tutors via the Moodle course Langage Supprt Centre and meet them in the Language Support Centre, Room 11.029 or online.


Oral English Support:

Oral English support is also provided on an individualized basis, and is done based on the student's needs. This may include, but would not be limited to: one-on-one English speaking tutorials, oral state exam support, and pronunciation training. Some forms of pronunciation training may be involved in all these individualized appointments, depending on the student's needs.

The tutors will give feedback on the student's grammar and use of vocabulary, as well as make possible suggestions for the future use of the English language. A variety of grammar books, thesauruses and dictionaries are at the disposal of the tutors and students, should they decide to utilize the Language Support Centre resources.  


Students who wish to improve their English on their own accord, should get in touch with Alexander Kuuskoski so that the beneficial use of the LSC can be explained. Students who need to go to the LSC as part of their clases, such as Language Skills II (Kuuskoski) or Language Skills III: Writing Skills (Hall) can go straight to moodle Language Support Centre and register for online sessions with a tutor of his/her choice via his/her sign-up list at the very top of moodle.


Other Needs:

Should none of these above mentioned programs fit your needs, you are more than welcome to make suggestions, and we will try to aid you in any other way!


August 2020

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