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There are several ways to get to our University. The most common one for our visitors is landing at Stuttgart Airport. From there it takes about 40 minutes by train to get to campus. As not all the big airlines fly into Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Munich would be two other options. There are direct connections via train to Stuttgart from each of the cities. From Munich it takes about 2,5 hours and from Frankfurt 1,5 hours. For detailed information please visit the website of the Deutsche Bahn, Germany's most popular railway company.

If you wish, you can also arrive via train. In that case Stuttgart Main Station would be your destination. From there you can take the city train to get to our campus. Another option of transportation is the bus. There are several flixbus stops around Stuttgart. The closest to our campus would be Kornwestheim. If you choose to come by bus, please let us know and we will provide you with information how to get to campus from where you arrive.  

Guide on how to get from Stuttgart Airport to Ludwigsburg
Guide on how to get from Stuttgart Main Station to Ludwigsburg

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