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How many students would be involved?

There is no official number, but it depends upon the lecturer’s concept and the students’ interest. Some courses are more efficient in smaller groups, then we would limit them to 20/25 students. Other seminars have more of a lecture mode to it which means we would not give it any limitation. This can be discussed during the preparation phase and will be adjusted individually. According to our internal guidelines, however, we should see that at least 10 students enrol. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to agree on topics and dates before the enrolment-phase of the new semester starts. This is each year in August and February. 

How many hours of instruction would I need to deliver?

The official number of hours is 28 SWS (Semesterwochenstunden) which is 14 sessions, each session lasting 1.5 hours. That means there should be a total of 21 clock hours. However, according to our HR Department course preparation may be included in this amount.
The same goes for seminars hold online.

What are the learning outcomes that would need to be accomplished?

These really depend on the structure and topic of the course. In the end it is you, who determines the outcome. There won’t be any check-ups from our or the professors’ side.

Are there specific time periods for the course?

Times can vary and can be adjusted to what suits you best. We made the experience that especially for guest lectures from America our Exkursionswoche (excursion week) suits very well. It’s one week in the summer semester that the students get off. This is a great opportunity to offer a compact seminar of one week. The dates of this week can be found here.
If this time doesn’t suit you, there is always the chance to offer weekend seminar. Here, you meet the students Friday afternoon and Saturday for about 3-4 weekends, depending on the specific hours you meet every week.

What software platform do your students use?

We use Moodle but also have experience in transferring content to Moodle. Once you are registered as a guest lecture in our system, you will receive access to the platform. That way you can set up the course. You have the chance to upload material, open discussion forums, creating a space for students to upload their work which you then can also comment on. For help and support you can contact us anytime.

Beside instruction, would I have other commitments?

There are no other commitments. Once we know that you have decided to teach (online), we will contact the host department so that they can promote the offer to their students. In general, guest lecturers do not have any obligations with regard to exams.

How do the students receive their credits for the seminar?

You decide what the students need to accomplish to receive the credits. For some seminars in the past it was attendance only, others asked for a presentation or an essay at the end of the time.
When students take seminars, they usually receive a signature for ‘successful participation’. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to give out this signature. That is why we would kindly ask you to refer to the International Office for more information in case someone comes up asking for the signature. For us it is important to receive a list from you of the students who participated successfully. We can then forward the list to the professor in charge of giving the signatures.

How can online seminars be organised?

Due to the current situation, we organise online seminars with international guest lectures. This will be the case at least until the end of 2020. While this situation is new for everyone involved, lectures are trying different styles. Looking at feedback from students, a mix of synchronic and asynchronic teaching seems to be best working. This way allows the lecturers to keep students motivated but also gives the students some flexibility of when to do course related work.

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