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Web Pages to help you with your English


(Verb Tenses) English web page on the use of the present perfect – unspecified time                  


(Verb Tenses) Use of the present perfect future


Purdue University – good writing advice from their on-line writing lab


Adverbs of time and the use of the perfect tense


English grammar page with emphasis on North American usage


English Club.  Good website for general English grammar and usage        An on-line quiz                  Rules for using commas


Comma usage from Owl, the writing lab at Perdue University


Deutsch website for English grammar and comma usage


University of Madison, Wisconsin writing lab home page


Purdue and Madison are the most linked websites for university level writing. For a more exacting style for academic writing in the Social Sciences, many American universities recommend or require APA style.  (American Psychological Association)


Peter MacMonagle

UNC Charlotte/PH-Ludwigsburg

Summer Teaching Assistant (SoSe 2005)

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