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The International Office assumes automatically that students who are registered here by their home universities will require a room in the students’ village. So we generally make reservations in the student village for all exchange students. Please notice: students older than 30 years won't be accepted. In this case you have to look on your own for private accomodation.

For you as an exchange student in contrast to the German students, there is no waiting time: That means you will get a room immediately and you do not have to pay a deposit. Therefore you have to pay the money for your rent in one single amount. Monthly payments are not possible. However, you have up to 6 weeks after your arrival time to raise the money. Scholarship holders for example can wait until they receive their scholarship money. Later payments are only possible in exceptional cases.

Like in many other countries, the rent period is always a full semester, which is 6 months. It does not matter if you leave earlier or not: the rent contract can only be concluded for at least 6 months. Rent contracts for shorter periods are unfortunately not possible. Sublease rentals are forbidden!   

However, if you prefer to stay in a private accommodation there is always the possibility to look for a room on your own. We want to point out that you should inform the International Office of this when doing the online-application. If we do not receive your refusal on time, it can be that the rent is to be paid for the first month in the student village, if no substitutional tenant can be found. If you plan to live with relatives or friends in the area, you can inform us of your new address immediately when doing the the online registration.

Additionally, we would like to point out that rooms in the student village (rent including electricity, water, waste etc.) are quite low priced compared to other offers in this region. Usually, the rental prices in Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart are very expensive. You should take this into consideration when you are deciding whether to rent a room from Student Services or to look for one on the open market. The University itself is not able to assist in the search for accommodation outside the student's village.  

The housing application  and financial confirmation form can be downloaded on our page for online application. Please fill it out and send it in time together with the printed version of the application form and the other documents via mail  to the International Office, Ludwigsburg University of Education.

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