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Health insurance

For EU-citizens:

According to the EU-contract the health insurance of your home country is also accepted in Germany. Therefore it is necessary that you issue the blue EHIC-card  (= European Health Insurance Card) from your health company before you leave your country. It must at least be valid until the end of your exchange here in Germany! After your arrival this card will be checked by one of our German health insurance companies (during the two compulsory information days before the start of the semester) and then you will receive an official document as a proof for the validity of your health insurance in Germany.

Should there be urgent problems, an illness or pains with this document and your EHIC-card you are able to go to any kind of (dental) doctor or even to the hospital to get a treatment. The examination is free. If the doctor prescribes some medicine you must pay a little amount for that but the rest is free even if you need very expensive drugs.

Since the EHIC will be accepted only in urgent health problems we recommend EU-students with chronical illnesses to contract health insurance at a German insurance company so that you will get the right treatment.

The above mentioned also applies to Turkish and Serbian citizens but you will not get a EHIC-card from your insurance company. Instead they will provide Turkish citizens with the Formular A/T 11 Türk-Alman Sosyal Güvenlik Sözlesmesi and Serbian citizens with the Formular 111 SRB. If you do not have this document you will have to get a regular insurence once you arrive in Germany.


For non-EU-citizens:

You are required to have some kind of travel insurance for the journey to Germany and during the first days of your exchange in Ludwigsburg.

Then you have to take out a student's health insurance in Germany with a German Health Insurance Company like all the ordinary German students. This is one of the conditions to be enroled. This costs according to the cheaper student's tariff/rate (limitation of age!) approx. 520 Euros per semester/6 full months (it's not possible to have insurance just for the exact duration of your stay, the 6 months are compulsory for enrolment) and covers everything possible (for example prevention, basic quality of dental prothesis for damaged teeth, hospital stays, free choice of a doctor, free consultation by a specialist etc.).

During the Orientation Weeks, the International Office offers you help with finding a German Health Insurance Company, but of course you are completely free to choose the company you want. We recommend the big, semi-public companies, because insurance with a private company might be cheaper, but perhaps not cover everything and will therefore not be accepted for enrolment. Please have your contracts checked by us during the information days before signing, this might avoid serious trouble.

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