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Ludwigsburg University offers a range of subjects to study, all of which can be studied on their own or combined with educational studies or classes on teaching methodology. A choice of possible courses offered can be found at the bottom of this page. Courses for special education partly take place at the campus in Reutlingen.

International exchange students are basically allowed to take any course they are interested in as long as their home coordinator agrees. Due to the maximum size of some classes it can be the case that you have to choose an alternative. The International Office of LUE will then assist you to find an equivalent class. As an international exchange student you are usually allowed to sign up for a class by sending an email to the lecturer or by going to the first session. In some cases you need to sign up on paper lists that you will find on the notice board of the individual department.

All classes  can be found in the so called "Vorlesungsverzeichnis" (=course catalogue). This can either be reviewed online or you can download the pdf file. The International Office of LUE will inform you how to find this information.

At the end of the course catalogue you will find a category called "Veranstaltungen für ausländische Studierende". This is a collection of special and recommended classes for exchange students. Some of these courses are taught in English and are therefore suitable for students, who cannot speak German (well).

The current course catalogue can be found here.



Practical Teacher Training/ School Internship

In addition, opportunities are provided for participation in teaching practice at the following school types:

In individual cases we can organize an internship at Kindergarten (3-6 year-olds).
Please note: In Germany it is common that if you participate in such interships you will be expected to give at least one lesson during the semester actively and on your own.

Prerequisites are good or very good German skills. In this case you could not only teach German but also all the other subjects. Teaching in English is usually only possible in the subject of English. However, we can sometimes arrange for you to teach another subject in English at a so-called "bilingual school".

Since the International Office needs to sign you up for those special interships in good time, you should already mention your wish for such an activity when doing the online registration.


Here is a selection of courses offered at the LUE:

I Education and Social Sciences
 Educational Science
 Early Childhood Education
 General Studies
 Educational Psychology
 Protestant Theology
 Catholic Theology

II Arts, Sciences and Physical Education
 German *
 Cultural Management
 Cultural and Media Education
 Elocution and Speech Training
 Physical Education
 Computer Science
 Technical Studies

* incl. German as a second language

III Special Education
 Education for Special Needs: Mental Disabilities
 Education for Special Needs: Physical Disabilities
 Education for Special Needs: Speech Disorders
 Education for Special Needs: Learning Disorders
 Education for Special Needs: Behavioural Disorders

Language Courses

Areas of Further Study
 Work and Occupation
 Intercultural Education
 Computer Science
 Media Education
 Drama Education
 Ecological Education

These subjects can usually be studied at Bachelor or Master level.

A listing of all faculties can be found here.

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