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Registration process

For the registration as an exchange student of the LUE, the following steps are essential:

  1. You are registered at one of our partner universities.
  2. You have already informed your home university of your plans to spend an exchange at LUE. 
  3. You have completed the online application and sent it to us via email.
  4. After the online application: print the pdf-file (if possible) and send it to us in time with the following items:
  • Financial Guarantee (and where applicable the room application form, in case you would like to live in the student village)
  • six new passport pictures for administrative use, in colour and on photo paper, no jpgs you printed yourself on normal paper or just sent as attachment! The pictures have to be made either by a photographer or in a photo booth, just the face (portrait= "head shots"), size appr. 3,5 x 5 cm. Important: please don't make expensive biometric photos, normal and less expensive ones will do! Every visaholder has to make 4 additional biometric photos according to German standard anyway after arrival in order to apply for or renew his/her visa here at Ludwigsburg. This will cost about 15 Euros and the tutors will help you with that. 
  • three copies of all important pages of your passport or ID-card.

    When we have received and checked these documents you will get further information and a written confirmation that you are accepted as an exchange student (Letter of Acceptance).

    Then we first inform our Student Registration Office, the public authorities of the city of Ludwigsburg and the Social Services Stuttgart about your stay.

    The final and legally binding registration will only be done after your arrival. Therefore it is important that you are present on both of the obligatory information days before the start of the semester! We help you in completing the necessary forms and forward them to the registrar's office as well as to the city of Ludwigsburg. Furthermore we open a free bank account for you, which you need for your financial transactions. 

    Overview of enrollment process:

  • Fill out all forms on both of the information days and hand them over to us.
  • Hand over passport copies or make new copies of passport. 
  • Get new biometric photos (for about 15 Euros), according to the German standard for all non-European-citizens as they will receive a student visa for the city of Ludwigsburg and for their studies at LUE. This visa is free for scholarship holders. For everybody else it currently costs 50 Euros. 
  • Non-European-Citizens: get health insurance by a German insurance company, because without valid health insurance nobody is allowed to study in Germany!   
  •  For EU-citizens: your local insurance will be accepted via EHIC.
  • Open a bank account (with our help) and transfer the first semester fee (administrative charge and social service contribution for inexpensive food at the cafeteria, reduced bus and train tickets with your student ID etc., no tuition fee!) of about currently 100 Euros.
  • Pay the social service contribution for leisure activities and liability insurance in cash (currently 30 Euros). 

As soon as we have received the complete application form with all the needed documents and all the charges have been paid you will be legally enrolled. Then you will receive your student ID and the registration number. This number will be your individual ID number in all aspects of your student life at LUE.

Student ID card

Please always have your student ID card with you.
It has many important functions:

  • library card: you can borrow books at our large university library. 
  • Mensa/meal card: you can pay cashless for your meals at the cafeteria (="Mensa") at the favorable student price.
  • Bus- and regional train ticket: during the week after 6 pm, on weekends (Saturday, Sunday) and on holidays you can use buses and trains (second class only) for free in the metropolian area around Stuttgart !
  • Washing card in order to use the washing machines at the dorms
  • reduced ticket prices in many cinemas, swimming pools, clubs, discos and other events.
  • Special conditions for tickets when using the German train system (Deutsche Bahn)
  • and many more...

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