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Transcript of Records, Certificate

After Arrival: After your arrival we will check your learning agreement with you or work out a new one. Then we can plan your schedule and find out matching courses. We would like to mention once more that per semester scholarship holders and Erasmus students always need a minimum of 30 ECTS.

In the first two weeks of the lecture period you attend the chosen courses (as a trial) and decide if you would like to stay or not. Ask your lecturer which assignments you need to do to receive a mark or a signature. Check if you understand most of it and if you can do well in class. Ask once again for the detailed course description and for a possible reading list. Only after that make your decision in accord with your home coordinator.

This decision-making time of 2-3 weeks is possible although there is a central registration of the courses because you do not have to pay for each course separately. You can chose as many classes as you like  and as you can successfully deal with.

After those 2-3 weeks you need to tell the International Office of LUE and the lecturer, which couses you really would like to attend. You will get a form called "Sammelschein" from us, in which you fill in the courses and return to our office. According to this form, we prepare the learning agreement, which could eventually change again until you leave. This could be the case, for example when you would like to attend a compact course at the end of your stay or when you do not receive a mark for a class but only a signature for attendance instead. 

With the paper-form "Sammelschein" you collect your marks and signatures from the lecturers at the end of the sessions. In case you can not get all of them until you leave that is not a problem: The lecturers can inform the International Office of LUE also via telephone, mail or e-mail about your assignments.

Before Departure: After you have completed your studies in Ludwigsburg , the International Office will make a transcript of records according to European Standard that documents all of the courses you successfully attended (with German grades as well as international ECTS-grades). This certificate will be sent both to you personally and to the International  Office of your home uníversity as soon as possible after you have departed. 

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