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The student village is just a couple of minutes from the university campus. If you choose to live there you will have a single room* in a suite which you share with other male and female students from Germany or abroad. The suites include from two to ten bedrooms.

The individual and private bedrooms contain:

a desk, chair, wardrobe
bed with mattress

You will share:

a communal kitchen (with refrigerator and stove)
a communal dining table and living-room
one or several communal bathroom(s) and toilet(s)

* A limited number of double rooms are also available.

You will live together with other students - similar to living in a family - in one appartment (flat share). This way of living is very popular and common among German students. The buildings are new and modern. Each student has his or her own spacious single room ( internet connection possible, supplement 7 Euros per month). The price per person and semester is at present 1470 Euros. The above mentioned common rooms have to be cleaned by each of the students in turns according to a cleaning plan. The members of one flat share are responsible for their own housekeeping. The washing machines and the dryers are located in the basement of the buildings. 

Furthermore, the International Office has another option available: We can offer a few double rooms in the new buildings. Since the number of those rooms is limited we can not guarantee that you will get one of them. Anyhow, in your online application you can request such an accomodation and we will put you on the waiting list. However, there is no legal claim to such a low priced room! Usually we can consider most of your wishes. 

The double rooms are situated in the same building as the modern single rooms and they are as comfortable as them. You will share one big room with two single beds. We recommend those rooms for couples or best friends because it might be quite difficult to live with an unknown person in such a small  space. But both (!) partners have to be international students enroled and registered at the PH Ludwigsburg! You can already specify in your online application with which person you would like to share one double bed room. The price for such a room is currently 990 Euros per person.

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