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The Language Support Centre is open! Please see the Moodle Course Language Support Centre for hours of availability and to make your appointments.

The Language Support Centre is a valuable resource for all students at the LUE, particularly for those seeking to improve their English language skills. All students can now make 30-minute appointments for a one-on-one tutor session with native-speaker tutors. All tutoring sessions will take place digitally via the link in the appointment calender.




*** Lecture series (Erziehungswissenschaft/Englisch) ***

Digital and International Virtual Academic Cooperation (DIVA)

People are different - and this diversity includes challenges for educational practice as well as opportunities. The interdisciplinary project DIVA is dedicated to this heterogeneity of people, particularly from a cultural point of view, and investigates possibilities in dealing with cultural differences pedagogically. To this end, examples from Israel, Australia and Germany are digitally processed in the DIVA project, and new ways of teacher training are tested.

The description of diversity with cultural categories is a possible answer to the realities of heterogeneous societies. Education makes an essential contribution to socialisation under such late-modern conditions. The aim of the lecture series therefore is to interest participants in the subject area and to show perspectives for one’s studies and application practices (for example, teaching, school development, school and social integration of culturally diverse children and young people, international action, etc.).

The lecture series is open to all students of the PH Ludwigsburg, the Kibbutzim College in Tel Aviv (Israel) and the Charles Darwin University (Australia), the sessions will be held in English. The course combines perspectives from different disciplines (e.g. English and Education), nations and cultures.

To obtain the 2 credit points, please write a reflection essay of approx. 10 pages on one of the sessions using the specialist literature referred to therein. If you deal with the topic of inclusion, you will also receive the so-called "inclusion point". For a module examination, you will also write a 15-20 page term paper with at least 15 current academic sources. Please coordinate the topic and structure with the lecturers at the PHL.

Time slot: Tuesday, 12.15-13.45 (online WebEx)
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Die folgenden Informationen betreffen nur die Studierenden der PO 2015.

Im Rahmen der digitalen Verbuchung Ihrer Studienleistungen und Modulprüfungen im Fach Englisch wurden alle Kurse ab Sommersemester 2020 umgestellt:

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