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The University Library of Ludwigsburg (PHBL)  is a competence center for educational, sociological, psychological and didactical literature and is open to all interested persons. The library continues to create a hybrid media products including print information, online databanks, e-journals and e-books.
PHLB stands for:
•    Information-research and loan
•    Transfer of information compentence through workshops
•    Library as a place for learning and communication
•    Library as a publisher (ISBN-assignment)


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Computer Center
The Computer Center (Rechenzentrum, RZ), together with its partners – PH Freiburg and BelWue- the members and departments of the University of Education of Ludwigsburg, presents a modern data processing infrastructure. The RZ plans, coordinates, implements and maintains this infrastructure and provides the necessary security, both against external security breaches as well as the security of the data.
The RZ is the first address for all questions to do with data processing:
•    Help with computer problems
•    Acquisition from hardware and software
•    Computer equipment for employees
•    Internet presence for the University of Education of Ludwigsburg
•    Creating accounts for each member of the university
•    Maintenance fo the computer rooms and media equipment in seminar rooms and lecture halls


For students, the service team in the computer rooms are the first people to contact. Employees should contact the Help Desk in the library, ground floor of building 5.

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Media Center
The Media Center (MZ) provides the technical infrastructure for the production of picture, sound, and audio-visual media. We advise and supervise individuals in the realization of their media projects.
•    Free loan of AV equipment (e.g. video cameras, digital audio recorders, digital photo cameras,…)
•    Consultation when purchasing AV equipment
•    Conversion of analog media (e.g. VHS) into digital formats
•    Duplication of data storage media (cds/dvds)
•    Workshops: introduction to media production software (video editing, digital picture and sound editing
•    Supervision of media projects in the open multi-media studio (Mo.-Thurs. 12:00-16:00)
•    Supervised photo studio with a photo lab
•    Recording of seminars and other events in the AV studio
•    Media library (Mediothek) (film collection, learning software, games) and practical school working space (SPAS), school books, didactic materials
•    Support of the campus radio (HoRadS) and supervision of the project C@mpusTV


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Picture and Theatre Center

The Picture and Theatre Center (BTZ) is comprised of the student gallery (building 1), the school print center (building 11), and a number of studios for art and theatre (building 9).  The staff of the BTZ offer faculty and students of the University of Education of Ludwigsburg the following services:
•    Organisation of exhibitions in 6 to 8-week  intervals with accompanying workshops
•    Project-related events in theatre pedagogy and art pedagogy for pupils of all types of school
•    Open studio in the school print center and in the BTZ
•    Layout of posters, flyers and university-intern book projects


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The e-learning team offers faculty and staff of the university consultation and support when setting-up and using digital learning environments as well as in the development of innovative concepts and application scenarios in the university setting.

•    Individual consultation for increasing and enhancing the use of e-learning tools for instruction
•    Rent-a-tutor and teach-your-tutor (eTTF)
•    Support for using Moodle
•    Workshops on using e-learning in teaching
•    Support and guidance for use of e-learning technologies for research and the further development of instruction practices


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