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The University of Education of Ludwigsburg distinguishes itself as a scientific post-secondary institution through its manifold research efforts. The University of Education’s research focus is on educational research, such as fundamental research in education, research on teaching and learning in all age groups, research in didactics, and research in school development. The University of Education of Ludwigsburg is engaged in numerous national and international third-party funded projects and often cooperates with other research organizations, schools, companies, associations and institutions in fulfilling its planned research efforts. More information about current and past research projects at the University of Education of Ludwigsburg can be found in the research databank.  

The encouragement and support of young researchers during the doctoral and habilitation phases of education is one of the central duties of the university. The post-graduate colloquiums play an integral role in this because they offer young researchers the opportunity to work with others on interdisciplinary projects over the course of several years. More information about the opportunities for young researchers at the University of Education of Ludwigsburg can be found here.

The University of Education of Ludwigsburg established an office of research development and funding which serves as an information center for young researchers and supports them in their research projects and in the process of applying for external funding. The EU-Research Department for the universities of education in Baden-Wuerttemberg provides support and counsel specifically for EU-research projects.

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