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Center for Lifelong Professional Development

Ludwigsburg University of Education has acquired external funding for the project Center for Lifelong Professional Development. The project team started in April 2016 and concludes in December 2020.

The project is financed by the European Social Fund and co-financed by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts.

Against the backdrop of the new Higher Education Act of Baden-Württemberg that defines academic continuing education as a core task for universities, LUE’s intention is to consolidate its activities within the field of academic continuing education.

The Center for Lifelong Professional Development (CLPD) will be established as a new structure that coordinates and extends LUE’s activities in the field of academic continuing education.

At the moment, LUE offers two extra-occupational Master Programs: Education Management and International Education Management, a joint degree with Helwan University in Cairo that will be developed further within the next years.

Furthermore, LUE offers 11 courses in the fields of Educational Leadership, Adult Education, Intercultural Education, Cultural Management, Childhood Education, Theater Education, Mathematics and Language Support.

The project team aims to establish the Center for Lifelong Professional Development as a service center for continuing education. This entails the evaluation of all existing offerings in the field and the development of strategic concepts for future offerings.

The second project goal deals with the development of efficient processes for setting up new international courses by cooperating with new partners and the Department of International Educational Leadership and Management (IELM). The existing program INEMA aims to prepare executives and managers of the entire education system for complex tasks in a globalized world and serves as a prototype for new international courses at LUE.

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