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17/06/2022 MC tests on MOVE

The two reasons for using MC tests on MOVE are:


1. Self-study and self-monitoring

The tests are designed to support the students' self-study. They are not graded and can be repeated as often as needed. The idea behind this is that the students can repeat the learning content and test themselves in this way. If the score is not high enough, the students are recommended to work again on the learning content.

The test questions are also repeated. The same questions are asked once in the units (if a test is implemented), in tests between a specific number of units (here several units are asked at the same time) and also at the end of the module after all units in a 'major' final test. Also in this way, the learning content should be better memorized by the students.


2. Learning analytics

In the long term, the intention is to use the test results for learning analytics. For example, there are ideas to compare the results of the tests with the activity of the students, as well as to evaluate the quality of the learning materials using the results of the tests.