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22/04/2022 Units on Move

Each unit contains the learning materials on a specific topic. The structure of the units has been defined by the IDEN-Team and is used in every unit. The self-learning phase of the students should be supported in this way, as the students always know exactly at which point in the learning process they are in the unit and why they are working with the specific learning content.

Also, working with a unit should generally take no longer than 90 minutes so that students can plan learning times in a simplified way.

In general, all units contain at least the following sections in this order:

  • In the first section, the learning goals of the current unit are formulated and a short overview of the unit is presented.
  • A linkage of the topic with possible life and professional situations of the students follows (if suitable) in the second section. In this way, the relevance of the topic is presented and an emotional link for the students to the topic should be established.
  • This is followed by one or more sections with, for example, text elements, videos, podcasts, animations, graphics or interactive slides that present the learning content.
  • This is followed by sections in which the students can work , for example, on group tasks, reflection and submisson tasks or quizzes to practice actively what they have newly learned, in order to consolidate the newly learned knowledge.
  • If necessary, a section with additional information and additional learning content on the topic follows with references to optional literature.
  • The life and professional situations mentioned at the beginning of the unit are discussed again in this section to show that the new knowledge can be helpful in these situations in the future.
  • In the second to last section, a summary of what has been newly learned is listed again with a view to the learning goals.
  • An index of all resources used for the current unit is presented in the last section of the unit.

The units are defined in this system. Individual units may sometimes be different from this order for specific reasons and contain additional activities or similar.
The sections in the units are clearly identified by the icons which have already been presented.

In the following weeks, we will discuss why the points listed here, for example, the clear formulation of learning goals at the beginning of a learning unit, are so important.