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31/03 IMKD final meeting in Bonn with all funded project partners

The IDEN team presented the output of the project, as well as the work still to be done. The participants of the other projects did the same. In this way, all participants of the projects concluded that a lot has been achieved in the past three years. But with regard to the digitization of education - including:

  • the development of new e-learning content for the digitization of teaching, or to formulate it in better words - for a self-regulated learning by students, and
  • the establishment of digital infrastructure for the ‘student journey’, for simplifying international study at various universities in different countries,

… three years is a too short period to deliver well-founded and sustainable results that can then be easily continued by the universities.

In all projects, also due by the pandemic of the past years, some work packages were still unfinished. How these will now be continued was still unclear for many project partners.

Even some project members at the universities, who were funded by the DAAD money in the projects in the last years, will now leave the universities. Know-how that has been built up over the past three years will unfortunately be lost in this way. Another problem with regard to the sustainability of the project results and further development of the digitization of education and learning.

Now the IDEN team will spend a few more months on developing further e-learning content for a digital self-study in the Master's Program International Educational Management (INEMA) at the PH Ludwigsburg and Helwan University of Cairo.