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How can I finance my doctorate?

Since the majority of doctorates at our university do not involve a position of employment, applying for a scholarship might be an option for you. The Research Support Office will be happy to advise you on which institutions and foundations you might be able to apply to for a doctoral scholarship. The International Office can advise you on mobility programmes, such as those offered by the DAAD. This can be used, for example, to fund accommodation costs.

You should also find out (e.g. from your supervisor or the relevant department/institute) about the possibilities of, for example, taking on an assistant position or a teaching assignment. This can be at least a small building block for financing your livelihood. Above all, however, you will gain experience that can be important for a further academic career.

LUE also offers various funding opportunities for your doctoral project - e.g. travel expenses to conferences and to survey locations, funds for assistants to prepare transcriptions or for data entry, publication costs for open access publications, translation grants for articles in renowned international journals, etc. Find out more about this on the pages of the Research Support Office.