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Interested in doing a doctorate at LUE?

LUE is just the right place for you to do a doctorate if you are interested in questions of educational science or subject teaching or if you would like to deal scientifically with teaching and learning processes in and outside school, pedagogical fields of action and cultural mediation contexts.

LUE is a state university of the State of Baden-Württemberg and a university of educational science. It is a scientific centre of excellence for education and culture; our academics are experts in educational processes in and outside school at all ages. It is possible to take both doctoral and post-doctoral degrees at LUE.

For all stages of an academic career, the university offers target group-specific counselling, support and further qualification opportunities. The university has wide-ranging connections to the practical world; for example, there are close contacts to schools in the region and to various educational institutions. These close links also make it easy to conduct practice-oriented and application-related research. The university sees increasing internationalisation as an important goal and is therefore particularly pleased to welcome international doctoral students, trying to provide the best possible support on this career path.

On the following pages you will find information for international doctoral candidates.