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Language Support Centre (LSC)

Welcome to the Language Support Centre

Our support services are provided by native English-speaking tutors from abroad (e.g. North America, Great Britain, New Zealand or Australia) as well as (near-) native English-speaking tutors who grew up in Germany. Our tutors are a mix of students studying abroad at the PH Ludwigsburg and some of our own very qualified PH students.

The goal of the Language Support Centre is to provide an authentic and rich experience for students of the English language in both oral and written forms, in the hopes of not only achieving accuracy and fluency, but also building confidence. This is done in a supportive and positive environment where students are encouraged to fully engage with the English language. The tutoring sessions are a lot of fun for both students and tutors, and they provide a unique opportunity to meet and engage in English conversation with people from all over the world and with very different backgrounds.

These one-on-one, 30-minute tutoring sessions have proven to help students in their current studies as well as in their future professional lives as English teachers.

Do you need help with any of these things?

  • English Pronunciation
  • Conversational English speaking practice
  • Preparing a presentation       
  • Essay / Academic Writing
  • Oral English state exam support

Then you can receive support and guidance at the Language Support Centre! Please make an appointment via the Moodle course Language Support Centre. See below for hours of availability.

Information on the LSC