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How is a doctorate organised at LUE?

Most doctoral candidates already have an idea for research and then look for a supervisor from among the professors. The topic is discussed with this supervisor and then a short research proposal for the project and a supervision agreement are drawn up. Now you can apply for acceptance as a doctoral candidate with the respective faculty.

This describes the most common and typical form of doctorate at our university: the so-called individual doctorate. Unlike a doctorate in a structured doctoral programme (e.g. in doctoral colleges), the doctoral candidate can freely choose his/her topic in consultation with the supervisor and work on it in agreement with him/her. If there are doctoral programmes on certain topics in which positions or scholarships are offered, you can find the announcements under job advertisements on the LUE websites. 

Doctorates are only accompanied by an employment position in individual cases. Such positions can also be be found in LUE’s job advertisements.

Alternative ways of financing your doctoral studies can be scholarships, for example, for which you would have to apply to suitable scholarship programmes (e.g. DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service).

Individual Doctorate

Structured Doctoral Programmes

option is always available

only available when there is a structured doctoral programme offered by LUE that suits the qualifications, interests and the timing of the candidate

free choice of supervisor; free choice of topic in consultation with the supervisor

choice of topic and supervisor are inherent by the programme


cooperation, consultation and exchange with other members of the programme

rarely accompanied by a job position

accompanied by a scholarship or a job position

individual time frame

time frame is inherent by the programme

participation in the qualification programme of graph/ LUE possible and recommended

obligatory participation in a specific study programme for all members, additional participation in the qualification programme of graph/ LUE possible


What else is there to know?

Doctoral Convention

All doctoral candidates accepted at  LUE are members of the Doctoral Convention. The Doctoral Convention represents the interests of the doctoral candidates towards the different committees within the university, organizes events and meetings for the doctoral candidates, and will definitely be an important and very helpful contact for you.  


Moodle Course for Doctoral Candidates 

Once you are accepted as a doctoral candidate at LUE you will get your mail address and login data. With that you can subcribe to the Moodle Course for Doctoral Candidates. This course provides you with relevant information regarding all aspects doing a doctorate at LUE.