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University of Education Ludwigsburg

The University of Education moved to Ludwigsburg in 1966. With its approximately 5,500 students and 450 members of staff, it is the largest of the six Universities of Education in Baden-Wuerttemberg. These Universities of Education also offer doctoral and post-doctoral degrees and are therefore on a par with full universities. They concentrate on educational science issues both in research and teaching.
Ludwigsburg University of Education (LUE) is a modern center of competency for educational sciences in four closely related disciplines: school education, extra-curricular children’s and youth education, adult/further education and education in cultural and social areas.

Helwan University

An Egyptian public university providing high-quality academic programs governed by local and International Standards to prepare distinguished graduates capable of competition and innovation. Those graduates will be able to meet their society’s needs and contribute to the social development and well-being. Providing competency improvement programs for Faculty members while improving their educational and research capabilities that will eventually be reflected efficiently on both students and local and national environment. Promoting scientific research in the University. Achieving continuing education and promoting cooperation with international educational institutions. Contributing effectively to community service and development and culture-building, along with promoting community production sectors to go into local, regional and international competition.

Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport

The Arab Academy for Science & Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT or AAST) is one of the specialized organizations of the League of Arab States engaged in education, training, research, community service and projects. Since its inception in 1972, it has been educating, training and qualifying students for all the disciplines, sciences and technologies with particular emphasis on the various aspects of the maritime industry, logistics and quality. The last decade witnessed the introduction of academic and professional degrees and certificates in various majors and disciplines.

Al Alfi Foundation

Al Alfi Foundation for Human and Social Development is an independent philanthropic foundation aiming at developing people with high capability to improve their surrounding social and economic environment.
The Al Alfi Foundation is a high-impact foundation seeking the highest social return for our philanthropic interventions.
The Al Alfi Foundation is positioned to impact Egypt as a priority, but welcomes opportunities for human and social development in the Arab region at large.


Founded in 1925, the DAAD is the world's largest funding organization for the students and researchers. Its members are German institutions of Higher Education as well as student bodies. It's activities include the awarding of grants and scholarship but also the internationalision of German universities, the promotion of German studies and language abroad and assisting and advising decision makers in developing countries on establishing effective universites as well as on matters of education and development policy.