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Making Images: Intercultural Dialogues - Conference & Exhibition


  • Prof. Dr. Goda Plaum, Head of the Department of Fine Art of the University of Education Ludwigsburg and Chairperson of the Society for Interdisciplinary Image Science.
  • Prof. Dr. Roberto Rubio, Head of the Department of Philosophy, Alberto Hurtado University and Director of the Centre for Media Studies, Alberto Hurtado University, Santiago de Chile.
  • PD Dr. Zhuofei Wang, University of Hildesheim, Assistant Secretary General of the International Association for Aesthetics (IAA)


  • Friday 6th October 2023 (online)
  • Saturday 7th October 2023 (online)


  • Study Gallery of the University of Education Ludwigsburg, Reuteallee 46, 71634 Ludwigsburg, Germany (October 2023)
  • Local Arte Contemporáneo, Avenida Italia 1129, Providencia, Santiago, Chile (2024)


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