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External International Partners

There are different international partners who support the IDEN team. Get to know our partners and find out what they find particulary exciting about the project.

Professor Chris Brown

Durham University, School of Education
With his research, Chris is seeking to drive forward the notion of Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) as a means to promote the collaborative learning of teachers. The aim of this collaborative learning is to improve both teaching practice and student outcomes, not only in individual schools, but also in the school system more widely. To this end Chris has co-edited one book in this area, Networks for Learning: Effective Collaboration for Teacher, School and System Improvement (Routledge, 2018); is co-editor of the Emerald’s Professional Learning Networks Book; and is co-founder and co-convener of the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement’s Professional Learning Networks research network. Chris is supporting IDEN by providing content in the area of PLNs
In the post Covid world, I think the IDEN project is really paving the way in terms of providing invaluable online materials.

Associate Professor Kate M. Cassada

University of Richmond
As a former K-12 teacher, senior teacher, assistant principal, and principal, I have passion for learning and leading. Currently, I am honored to teach undergraduate and graduate students, chair the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies graduate program and lead the Center for Leadership in Education at the University of Richmond. I am proud to collaborate with regional schools to facilitate leadership development and reflective teaching practices in our schools. What I find particularly exciting about the IDEN project is the opportunity for meaningful international collaboration among all involved learners and faculty. Learning from each other in this way is powerful.

Professor Romuald Normand

University of Strasbourg
I like the IDEN project because it is an innovative and relevant training program to familiarize beginning and advanced students with issues related to school governance, management and leadership which are particular at stake today in the transformation of education system. Based on various devices and supports as well as an international expertise in diversified research fields, the IDEN project contribute also to new dynamics in further training and professional development required by advanced practitioners in schools. It is a promising and challenging program to which I am proud of being involved.

Professor Hosam Refai

Helwan University
As Inema Coordinator from the Egyptian side I am responsible for coordinating the input and participation of the Egyptian team in the IDEN project.
What I find particularly exciting about the Iden project is that it offers capacity building for developing digital online educational material.

Assistant Professor Andrew Schoeneman

University of Richmond
My current responsibilities include program administration, research, and teaching undergraduate and graduate courses. I serve as chair of the Graduate Nonprofit Studies program, which allows me to work closely with students in building their capacity to address complex issues of social concern through affiliation with nonprofit organizations and NGOs. One of my main duties is to develop and refine our curriculum to ensure that students are prepared to meet their academic and professional goal and to facilitate meaningful, sustainable change.
What I appreciate most about the IDEN partnership is the opportunity to engage in practical, creative educational problem solving with colleagues working in many different contexts. I find this dynamic environment to be both energizing and fulfilling.

Associate Professor Tom Shields

University of Richmond
I am the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs in the School of Professional and Continuing Studies. I am also the Chair of Graduate Education and Associate Professor in Education and Leadership Studies. My area of expertise is in the study of leadership, equity and education with focus on civil rights and segregation, and the role of race in political engagement.
What I find particularly exciting about the IDEN project is the ability to engage and dialogue with academic colleagues from across the globe. I also like how the project focuses on training modules that are open-sourced and can be utilized in offering professional development and degrees at our respective universities.

Professor Pierre Tulowitzki

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland
As chair of educational management and school improvement, I try to better understand how schools work and what could be done to offer students even better education opportunities.
Developing instructional content that is truly multicultural and international and working together to create joint learning opportunities is very motivating. Looking forward to collaborate around IDEN and beyond!